Kingdom of Amaranth

The Kingdom of Amaranth is ruled by the iron fist of King Obama. It is home to a diversified populace, the majority of whom are variously illiterate, physically disabled, and/or addicted to high-grade narcotics. Members of the bourgeoisie upperclass are known for their intricate pumpkin carvings, and enjoy spending time with various leisure activities (everything from the classic, “Bum Shock Fights”, to the new and trending fad of “Orphanage Arson”).

In Amaranth it is often considered an easier life being a slave than a member of the working class; and the gladiatorial arena has a lower on-the-job death rate than most inner-city factories and mills.

Crime is relatively low, yet prisons are vastly overcrowded; all thanks to the omniscient and seemingly omnipresent Ministry of Internal State Security.

The national motto of Amaranth is “Meh, Fuck It.” And its national dog is the Standard Poodle.


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Kingdom of Amaranth

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