Jebadaiah's Wife


LeShaniqua was, to put it simply, a failure. Hated by her parents she fled the Feywild as a young girl, going out into the world to make a name for herself. During her younger years she traveled the world, getting involved with anything, and anyone, that she could. Finally, when she woke up one day in the small hovel of a rather obese gnome fellow, she realized two things: she had no idea how she had gotten there or who the dirty little gnome fellow beside was, and secondly, that it was time for her to settle down and marry a nice rhinoceros farmer.

The very next day, LeShaniqua went off in search of this dreamy farmer, and for three years she looked. When she finally met Jebadaiah, she knew that she had found her match. She fell instantly in love with the man, seeing beyond his “conservative lunacy”. When they finally married, she moved into his ranch-house and intended to live there for the rest of her days.

While the life of a rhinoceros farmer’s wife may sound boring, LeShaniqua found many ways to endure the drudgery. Several years prior, during her wilder years, she had hooked up with a college of mages (yes, all of them, and no, it wasn’t part of some crazy ritual, they were just all part of the same fraternity at the college…). After the night of debauchery, she awoke early to slip out. On her way out the door, she tripped on a rather large, expensive-looking tome. As she was hooked on “elf-weed” at the time, she decided to take the book so that she could pawn it off for some quick cash. Later, as she was traveling, she decided to open it and, from that moment on, she took to teaching herself a very ancient form of magic. This is how she spends all of her free time, pouring over the ancient tome. As this is somewhat of a hobby, and she is teaching herself, the spells don’t always quite work as expected, but they usually get the job done…


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